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It takes a solid game to jump straight to the number one spot on iTunes and snare the much-coveted iPhone Game of the Week award.

Developed by Chillingo, Feed Me Oil [iTunes Link] is a highly-polished and innovative physics-based puzzler, well deserving of its rise to the top of the charts.

A unique game, the object of Feed Me Oil, as odd as it sounds, is to save the world from oily sludge by directing it into the waiting-mouths of giant land creatures.

In each level, you manipulate a series of ‘elements’ in order to control the movement of the oil from a pipe, into the creatures mouths. You simply tap and drag the elements, which are items such as platforms, into a suitable position to direct the flow of oil. Once you are happy with your placement you tap the pipe to the run the oil and find out if you made the right moves.

As you progress though the game, the puzzles become steadily harder and require activation of buttons in order to open gates, fans and wind to blow the oil, which is when you really need to kick your brain into gear.

The faster you solve the puzzle, and the less elements you use to solve it, the higher your score. If you find yourself stumped by a level, there is a ‘?’ button that you can tap to give you a hint.

Feed Me Oil features lovable cartoon graphics, calming piano-driven midi tracks and Crystal integration with high scores and leaderboards. There are three chapters, each with 10 levels and more chapters are promised for future updates.

Feed Me Oil is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later