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Following up on the success of their successful Flick Kick franchise, the folks at Full Fat have landed the NFL license to create a game that retains the fun and addictive nature of their previous games, and adds just enough NFL flavor to satisfy armchair quarterbacks everywhere.

Flick Kick Quarterback’s simple mechanic of flicking the ball into the hands of waiting receivers, racking up high scores in the process, is a great substitute for NFL fans who don’t want to learn more complex sports simulators, and perfect for quick, on-the-go play sessions. However, more options and scenarios would make Flick Kick Quarterback a must-have. As is, the game is little more than a brief diversion.

NFL Flick QuarterbackNFL Flick Quarterback

In NFL Flick Quarterback, you’ll create your own rookie quarterback and climb the ranks to reach legendary status. In order to do so, you must complete increasingly complex passes through defensive coverage by mastering your “flick” technique. You’ll make long, short, and curved flicks, all while accounting for the wind and where defenders are positioned. In addition, you’re able to slightly manipulate the way the ball travels after it releases by swiping in one direction or another. The situations get more complex as you progress. The passes get longer, the defenders increase in quantity and skill, and the wind becomes more of a factor.

When you tire of the standard mode, NFL Flick Quarterback adds a skills mode, which lets you hone your flick technique by tossing the ball into barrels at varying distances.

NFL Flick QuarterbackNFL Flick Quarterback

The Flick franchise has always used its license well, and they’ve continued that feature in NFL Flick Quarterback. Players are able to select their favorite NFL team, though none of the names on the defending jerseys will look familiar, and the stadium appears to be a stock, generic location, rather than customized for each team. During load screens, the game dispenses random pieces of trivia, specifically tailored to the team your playing as.

As much as I enjoy the flick mechanic in NFL Flick Quarterback, I can’t help but long for the game to realize its full potential. Thing like full football games featuring entire teams, playing in models of actual stadiums, and more fleshed out challenge modes would make this game a dream for hardcore NFL fans who are also casual gamers.

Bottom Line: In its present state, NFL Flick Quarterback is a great gameplay mechanic in a fairly shallow game.

NFL Flick Quarterback is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.