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Remember those ‘Idiot Tests’ that were all the rage on the internet in the second half of last year? Well now, you can pay a dollar to play a more frustrating, longer, less inventive version of those same ‘Idiot Tests’ on your iPhone!

Stupidness 3 PRO (not too sure what’s ‘PRO’ about it) consists of 101 ’rounds’, each of which has a supposedly simple question to answer or task to perform, like a longer version of the classic Idiot Test. The difference here is that the developers, Orange Nose, clearly got tired after the first ten or eleven rounds, and just made solutions to problems utterly ridiculous and therefore difficult to reach; for example, the object of one round is simply to tap a star that’s moving very fast across the screen. That’s not fun. That’s not even similar to fun. It might even be the opposite of fun.

By far the worst part of the game, though, is its scoring and penalties system. You start off with an IQ of 15, and the longer you take to complete a round, the more it decreases, until it reaches 0 and you fail and have to start from the last checkpoint. Attempting to complete the round by doing something ‘wrong’ (which can range from providing a genuinely wrong answer to accidentally moving the iPhone a millimetre to the left) knocks off a chunk of IQ, whilst answering a couple of questions correctly awards a few extra IQ points.

If you can’t complete a round (which, 95% of the time, you will not be able to do), you can have the game give you a hint in exchange for 15 IQ points. Which will then be earned back within about 3 rounds time, if you can answer them. This completely nullifies any novelty IQ might have had as a score measure, as you become so desperate to just get the questions right you disregard your completely expendable resource.

Bottom Line: Stupidness Pro 3 is unoriginal, overly difficult, boring, unrewarding, and certainly not worth $0.99. Go buy Jelly Defense.

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