iPhone or Android is the Pepsi or Coke of the mobile technology industry. While Android used to be behind iPhone, it has made massive strides with killer smartphones like the Galaxy S series. Within the iPhone or Android debate, there is often a lot of debate about specs. Which phone is the most powerful? Which has the fastest processor or the best camera? iPhone or Android? Well frankly, in the grand scheme of things specs don’t really matter in this debate. Here’s why:

Computers Still Exist

People really don’t want the equivalent of a computer in their pockets. No one needs to get that kind of work done on their smartphone. Even with the larger screens of recent phones, it is still impractical to do a lot of the work that can be done on laptops, no matter the processor in the smartphone. For example, Motorola released a phone while back called the Atrix that was essentially a computer. I haven’t heard of the phone since. And even though the sales of laptops and computers are declining, they aren’t going to be replaced by smartphones. Instead they will be replaced by the emerging tablet market.

Specs Are Dependent on Outside Factors

In the middle of ‘iPhone or Android’ debates, you’ll hear a lot of numbers about processing power, storage, and other specs. A lot of the numbers thrown around are really insignificant unless paired with something else. Having the fastest processor of any phone doesn’t help the consumer out much if the software being run on the phone isn’t up to scratch. In the same way, a powerful graphics processor is only as good as the apps and games that are available. Even things like 4G are largely dependent on the network you are on rather than the phone itself.

There Are Personal Factors

A lot of things that people use to justify one phone being better than the other have nothing to do with specs. Instead it has to do with their personal situation. A person may think Android is better because it is much more customizable than an iPhone. Likewise a person could give iPhone the edge simply because their friends also have the iPhone and they want to make use of free iMessage. It could even come down to cost for some people. In short no one cares what a phone ‘could’ possibly do, they just care if it does what they need.

Specs Are As Good As They Need To Be

In terms of specs, I personally think that smartphones are at their sweet spot in terms of managing what the phone can do and battery life. Camera quality has often been brought up in the iPhone or Android debate and it is honestly a mute point. If person cared about photography they would purchase a separate camera. Smartphone cameras just need to have nice enough quality that they are acceptable for Facebook, Instagram, and other social sharing.

When it comes down to it, novelty features like Siri will be a more prevalent point than processing power. The iPhone or Android debate needs to shift away from power and more towards features where the real meat of the argument is.

Which way do you lean? iPhone or Android? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Like all things your choice of drink depends on you. The specs are important but when they are so close (do I really need Angry birds to open .5 sec sooner) so it really depends on you. You have big hands than any new android is fine, smaller hands then it might seem too large and an iPhone is better. Let’s face it they are neck and neck with each other on feature matching …like Google navigation, then Apple’s new maps will look great since it now has fly in and 3D buildings. You love Siri well Google Now will get you results from their search engine instead of Wolfram-Alpha.

    So go to a store look at the screen and how it fits in your hand. Anything that one phone does today will more likely have a feature similar on the other OS shortly What amazes me is how they can sue each other. So when Mark Jacobs decides to use sequins and so does Ralph Loren how come they don’t sue each other when their fashion lines come out simultaneously?? The mobility sector really should take a page from the fashion industry and stop crying “infringement” like they do.

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    Specs do matter, son. Comparing an Android equipped HTC Wildfire with it’s meagre 600mhz cpu to a iPhone 4s with it’s dual core A5; it’s no competition.
    I love Android to bits (proud ex Galaxy S and current S2 owner), but if I had to chose either one then I’d go for the iPhone.

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    “People really don’t want the equivalent of a computer in their pockets.”

    Speak for yourself, dude.

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    I’ve had an iPhone since the second gen love it but think I’m ready to leave the apple fold. Think I will go for Note 2 if the specs are close what is speculated. I’m just tired of the old design and lack of apple new design.

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    Spoken like an IPhone lover. I would have to disagree about people not wanting a computer in their pocket, not wanting a great quality camera, and or a big screen phone. If that were true then why does the Galaxy S3 a 4.8 inch screen sell 10 million copies in less then 6 weeks? Why did the Galaxy Note a 5.3 inch screen sell 7 million copies on AT&T and would have done way more if they offered it on all carriers?
    Why do people say they want a 12mp camera with all kinds of bells and whistles? Of course if your a Professional Photographer you would buy a high powered, over 1000+ dollar camera. But most people aren’t Professional Photographers. People don’t want to carry a phone and camera around anymore. I know I don’t. I have a camera and I don’t take it with me anymore. My cell phone camera takes just as good of a picture as my stand alone camera does. People want an all in one phone and camera.
    The reason that Atrix phone didn’t work out because it was too slow and couldn’t multi task. It didn’t have the dual core and quad core processors we have today. Plus people are using their phones more to search the web, email, watch movies, text messaging, and of course social network more then using it as a phone. It is much harder to do that with a smaller screen.Yes, the speed of your phone would depend on your network but everyone is offering wifi now in days. So all you need to do is hook up to wifi and your phone will be used to its fullest capability. With the new Jelly Bean coming out some stuff you don’t need the network anymore.
    Now with this Imessaging… Android phones can do the samething. You can go on yahoo messanger and do face to face with someone on a phone or computer, or on the other messangers, you can use Skype, and there are other Apps out there you can load up to use for face to face talking. Android you have more options and it doesn’t only require the same type of phone.
    Jumping back to “People really don’t want the equivalent of a computer in their pockets”. Yes, there are certain things you should do on a computer and not on a phone or even on a tablet. There are just certain you need a computer for and the phones just can’t do. But if you have something like the cloud or you computer set up for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), you can access your documents from your phone and can even print it out. You would use something like that if you forgot something on your computer for work and what ever else. Oh another example is forgetting your coupon when you get to the amusement park. You can just show them the email now. Yes, not too many people would use that but its nice to have when you need it. The way the economy is going, people don’t have the money to buy a phone the turn around and buy a tablet. Shoot I would rather buy a laptop then a tablet because you can get a faster computer and better multi tasking for less. I can buy a good laptop for 400 dollars verses a 700 dollar 10.1 inch tablet and the laptop can do more and have a bigger screen. That’s why Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note a 5.3 inch screen and Galaxy Note 2 a 5.5 inch screen “Phablet”. If there were no market for it because people don’t want computers in their pocket then why are they coming out with the Note 2? They came out with the “Phablet” so people can have a phone and tablet all in one, saving them money. Because people now in days use their phone for more then just making phone calls.
    Oh I almost forgot about the battery comment. The batteries are getting smaller and more powerful too. Pluse Samsung came out with the Flexible OLED screen “Unbreakable” to allow a smaller thickness screen, to allow a bigger battery to be put in their phones while still allowing the phone to be thin. That is rumored to be in the Galaxy Note 2 and if not, it will be in their next generation phones. They are mainly using that screen for the Unbreakable abilities and thiness of the screen. Not to be able to let the phone flex as some people might think. So the phones havn’t hit the sweet spot for battery life because battery technology keeps getting better too. Oh and bigger batteries are starting to fit in the thinner phones because parts are getting smaller and more efficient.
    Don’t get me wrong. Both phones companies make nice phones. When Iphone first came out they had the cutting edge stuff. But Apple fell a sleep at the wheel. Android now is coming out with the intuitive stuff and beating Apple to the punch. Really how much of a difference do you see with the Apple Iphone 3 to the Iphone 4s? Only minor upgrades and SIRI. From the rumors I’m reading for the Iphone 5, it’s still going to look the same but with a 4″ screen, smaller charger port, 4G LTE, and other minor upgrades. If that’s what you want then get an Iphone. I’m sticking with my Android.

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    Everything you mention are valid points. What I was trying to get at was when a consumer is debating on purchasing an iPhone or an Android, more often than not they don’t go in and compare the processing power. Both devices check email, text, search the web, and have social media. The camera quality has basically stayed on par. I’m not saying people don’t want cameras in their phones, I’m saying that we’ve gotten to the point where every smartphone has a nice camera and one having a slighlty nicer camera isn’t going to persuade the average consumer unless they really care about taking pictures.

    And I guess I should clarify about my ‘computer in pocket’ comment. I was referring to smartphones having the ability to do everything that a computer can do when really they only want some of it. For example, I as a student would not type my term paper on my smartphone even if it were a 5″ screen. Computers are powered to run all kinds of programs, many of which I will be needing for college. I was referring mainly to using your smartphone for work and how people would prefer working on a computer rather than having the same kind of power on their phone. But things like web, social media, and email are great for mobile devices. And like I said, some specs only help when other things are in place. A big screen is worthless without a quality display and fast processing doesn’t help if the OS is clunky. A lot of specs are pointless without great apps to run (This applies to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and any smartphone)

    And I’m aware that Android and iPhone both have things like Siri and iMessage. My point is that the consumer will look at features as opposed to power. Why else would Android phones be advertising things like ‘touch to share’ or the ability to take pictures while video recording? The same way Apple will probably be advertising things like Passbook once that feature releases in hopes of beating out google Wallet. And when it comes down to people may ignore specs and buy an Android because its cheaper. Likewise, despite the Galaxy SIII being a better phone in some regards, a person may just stick with iPhone because their friends have one.

    I wasn’t trying to point favor in either phones direction. I was simply saying that when consumers debate on which to purchase, they have their own personal reasons for picking one or the other. For some that may be processing power, but for a lot of other people specs is just a minor factor in what they look at, especially when the ones on the playing field are already so powerful.

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    Specs dont really matter…. Unless it’s the iphone 4s. Pure spec bump. Siri you.say? Why didn’t apple allow it to run on the iphone 4? Because the 4s wasn’t very interesting to the average tech-retarded apple fanboy, which they proclaim at every opportunity how unintelligent they are when it comes to the fact the iphone has had only 1 crowing achievement… The iphone 4 retina display. But keeping the useless 3.5 in screen was a mistake on the 4s (aside from the extra 4 month wait which made it even more of. let down)I left apple after that miscalulated.move. Don’t care? Learn a little history about what happens to the top dogs who do not progress. Why do you seem to think this next release will be any different?

    If rumors are to be believed, the next iphone will have nothing that will be use to anyone. If apple has been putting these totally unimpressive leaks to lower expectations, and they end up releasing something much more “awe-inspiring” like the retina display, then I will gladly eat my words… But the probability is the opposite. In fact it’s more likely it will still be 3.5″

    Just keep thinking about this when apple does release the next unimpressive piece of hardware… It will hopefully eat at you enough into realize just how bad apple is. As in just utter crap. I know I am right because I was just as ignorant as you at one point. I’ve owned all apple products (ipods, ipad1&2, ipod touch, 211 mba and even the2gen apple tv)

    Give it time. You will see. Until then, sadly apple will its ego inflated by uninformed consumers.

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    No, iOS’s most powerful processor is A5X it runs perfect yet due to competition apple will most likely upgrade to the A6 even though the iphone/ipad doesn’t need that type of power. Putting 2GB of RAM or a 1.4GHz Quad core processor is kinda useless because the phone will never utilize all that power. All it does is take more energy, cost more money and waste internal space

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    I 100% understand why the iphone 4 didn’t have Siri. Its a hardware limitation (A4 cannot handle Siri effiecently without extreme battery drain and lag). You need to understand how the hardware works before throwing all these false comments.

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    The look on your face when you find out that the touch API has been used on phones since 1994 will be priceless.

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    If a phone with pc capabilities would be available, why not have it?

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    Do you realize how stupid you just sounded? You’re comparing the newest iphone to a two year old phone. A fair comparison would be comparing the 4S to either the One X or the S3, in which case Apple is blown right out of their mindless fanboy filled pants.

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    And also if you wanted An iPhone why the hell would you get an S2? #retardedapplefanboy

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    mmm really? even though it can shutter when running a graphic intensive game?

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    mmm you actually believed that they … created the touch interface? … it boogles the mind. I will grant you that they optimise it better than some company and helped to make it popular. But … it is ALL because of the extreme effort of Apple? wow …

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