iPhone XC
iPhone XC

Apple is to unveil new iPhones at its Special Event on 12th of September. Like previous years, we’ve been fed with various alleged leaks of the upcoming iPhones. As the release date nears, the leaks start to get solid as the phones near production and are ready to hit the supply chain & the stores. Till date, the word has been that Apple will release three new phonesfirst, a straight-up successor to the iPhone X; second, a larger (humongous) version of the iPhone X; and third, a sort-of budget oriented iPhone, on the lines of the bezel less design.

You’re invited to our new kid’s naming ceremony

However, names of the devices have been unknown, as with last year’s release Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and jumped to the iPhone 10 (denoted by roman 10 – X). So, the question has been hanging around as to weather the upcoming iPhone will be called the iPhone XS or the iPhone 11 and what the larger & cheaper versions will be named. As usual, as we near the release date, a fresh leak suggests that the “budget oriented” iPhone will actually be called the iPhone XC.iPhone XC leaked

Time to resurrect the colorful kid

If the leaks are to be true, then Apple appears to be bringing back the dead “C” lineup from the one and only (ever made) “iPhone 5C”. Is it the resurrection of the colourful iPhone? Maybe, as the rumours have indeed been suggesting that the cheaper iPhone will come in various colours. A point to be note is that, the iPhone 5C didn’t actually perform well in the market, as it was overshadowed by the powerful and sexy-chamfered-edged iPhone 5S (MinimAluminiumalism).

It can be said that the iPhone 5C was more of an experiment, if the history is to be taken into picture, it could be said that the 5C was the first new product released in the market post Steve Jobs’ death. Apple was taking fresh orders from Tim Cook and post the firing of Scott Forstall (the skeuomorphic guy), Jony Ive had to make a mark but it didn’t turn out the way as expected. Well, few people did love their colourful iPhone and Apple appears to have learned from its mistakes & its appears to have finally found the perfect colourful recipe.