Is DeFi really the current craze? Bryan Legend tells us his thoughts

When one talks about DeFi, or decentralized finance the name ‘Bryan Legend’ invariably comes up.

The Australian millionaire and entrepreneur recently launched his own company, called Clever Defi which is set to become the world’s first automatic interest paying Blockchain.

DeFi seems to be all the rage now, and Bryan firsthand tells us his thoughts.

Clever DeFi – What Exactly Is It?

Bryan Legend is a popular figure in the world of cryptocurrency.

Having spent numerous years on his digital marketing company, he now lends his knowledge and expertise to the cryptocurrency, Blockchain and decentralized finance sector.

He spent the better part of 2019 coming up with Clever DeFi, a unique project that seeks to shake things up not just in crypto circles but in traditional bank institutions as well.

Clever DeFi CEO Bryan Legend describes it as a decentralized finance protocol that can automatically distribute interest to Clever token holders in 14-day cycles. Investors will like how it’s set to work for 888 cycles which means they get up to 34 years’ worth of return, all with minimal risks involved.

To the uninitiated, Clever Defi utilizes both Blockchain and decentralized finance to shift the focus away from the creator. The term ‘decentralized’ means control is passed on to the public and investors, something that hasn’t been generally done before.

Bryan states that the concept of Clever Defi and its token, CLVA was built with future growth in mind, hence the 888 cycle spread out over a 34-year span. More than that, Bryan hopes to achieve something that current cryptocurrencies cannot- longevity and crypto tokens being sources of ‘wealth’ rather than an object used for quick profits.

Bryan promises years of leadership backed by providing both execution and delivery for the protocol. To this end the CEO attributes his years of experience working as a CEO of a digital marketing agency and delving into cryptocurrency for nearly a decade to overcome any challenges that may come in the company’s way.

Is Decentralized Finance the Future?

Bryan’s plan to create a one of a kind decentralized protocol that gives dividends to investors means he’s considering the future of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance as a whole.

In general, Bryan believes that more decentralized services will ultimately mean the public stands to gain. When interest is generated and the money shift moves away from the creator then it’s a kind of investment that can grow for a long time.

Also, investors can look forward to what’s called a guaranteed compound interest payments, which equals greater investment returns compared to a traditional financial institution.

Clever Defi and Clever Token has the potential to change the world of decentralized finance, Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it can prove to be the shift the sector needs to draw in interest not just from investors but from common folk as well.

Bryan mentions that the team will start at zero supply and thus the dangers of crypto, e.g., dumping will be non-existent. Investing and holding onto CLVA tokens is considered one of the safest moves people can make for their financial future.