Is Google Adwords Really Worth It?

Search engine marketing is crucial for many companies in Singapore. Since the market competition has been shifted to the online market, investing in SEM is now a crucial decision to make for many businesses. While traditional marketing may still be necessary, furthering your market reach online will give you more advantages in the long run.

One of the best and most recommended strategies today is the use of Google Adwords Management. In this method, your website will be visible on the top spot of the Google search results. You might have noticed that the first two entries on the search results in Google are marked with “Ad”. This is how Google Adwords work. It is a pay per click method of online advertising that will let you have your website where people will likely see them. Today, we will share with you how this strategy can do wonders for your online campaign.

Clicking on What is Convenient

When searching for a piece of certain information online, do you take your time to read all the entries on the first page of the results? Do you go as far as to check page 2, page 3, and so on? Maybe not. It is no wonder why, because in reality, who has the time to do that? We often just click the first title tag that pops on our screen so long as it sounds like the one you are looking for. Most of us rarely even look at the meta description. This is exactly why one of the goals of SEM is to make your page rank on the first page of the search results and we can say that Google Adwords is a convenient tool to do that.

Google management, being adept at the behaviour of online users as a long-term search engine company, knows all too well that online users have short attention spans. Thus, it is less likely that they actually explore the rest of the results when searching for information online. Thus, they offered to place your page on a spot in the search results wherein people will likely click on it. In exchange, the eCommerce company owner will pay for every click on Google Adwords.

The Magic of F-Pattern

In a website layout, there are two common patterns being employed by designers, the Z-pattern and the F-pattern. Google Adwords management follows the latter. This is because while Z-pattern is ideal for pages with minimal content and is image-heavy, F-pattern is good for pages that display very few images and too much text, just like the search results.

Many experts believe that our brain follows an F-pattern when there are too many words to process. This means that we thoroughly read the upper part of the pages and scan the left side while paying very little attention to the middle and left side of the page. Thus, in SEM, most web designers tend to display important information on top of the page and layout the content in such a way that the left pane contains either promos or attention-grabbing images.

The same principle applies to Google Adwords. In this technique, you can guarantee that your pages will be placed on the exact spot where people pay much attention to.

Is Google Adwords Worth It?

Although being on the top of the list is quite a feat, you should not jump straight to this deal without analysing it using its pros and cons. It is crucial to remember that Google Adwords is pay-per-click advertising. This entails that your website being on the most visible spot has an equivalent value. As mentioned earlier, you will need to pay for every click on your website. So how exactly will you make the pay worth it?

You must not rely solely on Google Adwords for your SEM campaign. The best way to maximise your pay-per-click is to advertise a page that is likely to drive people to your website. This certain landing page will have to be properly optimised in such a way that your page visitors can navigate through your pages smoothly from that page.

Is There an Alternative?

Don’t want to go for Google Adwords but want to improve your ranking on search engine results? Fortunately, that is not your only option. Although it will really boost your campaign, there are plenty of other options an SEM agency may place on the table for you to choose from. Here are some of them:

●     Paid Advertising

Just like Google Adwords, paid advertising will also require cash. The only difference is that it is not a pay-per-click deal. Hence, you will only need to pay one-time for the duration of your campaign. There are many places where you can post your advertisement online including social media platforms, online shopping platforms and even on search engine results pages.

When opting for online paid advertisements, you must ensure that your ads are engaging enough to move people into action. The good news is that many experts claim that paid online advertising works. In fact, some consumers even claim that incidental ads made them buy products online that they didn’t realise they needed before seeing that certain ad.

●     Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most trusted strategies used by every SEM agency in Singapore to market a brand, a product or a service online. Search engines make use of keywords for indexing, moreover, keywords are also used to determine if your content matches the searches of online users. Therefore, keyword research is important in search engine marketing.

●     Web Design

Web design is another area where an SEM agency usually puts its attention to. Improving your website design to be both user-friendly and crawlable will guarantee a good online campaign.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to improve your page ranking using SEM. While Google Adwords can really take you one step ahead of the competition, it is very important to consider backing it up with strategies that can produce permanent or long-term results. This way, you will be able to maximise the investments you are making for your online campaigns.