Is recovery a journey or destination?

Every country is trying to save its citizens from the use of illicit drugs but still, after so many restrictions people are highly involved in drugs. In Los Angeles, the drug crime team represented a report, and the results were shocking. It showed that people of different age groups are addicted to drugs including kids of 12-17 age groups as well. These kids make 11% of the population who are addicted to drugs. Apart from kids, 70% of adults are involved within the age group of 12-25. Twenty-one thousand people are suffering from the fatal condition.   Total of 1.5 million individuals were involved in drugs and got arrested. The use of drugs has no gender specification. People are spending the earnings of their entire lives on drugs. They are smoking drugs by giving the cost of their lives. Drug addiction is also contributing to the increase in the crime rate because drugs are expensive and such people don’t have enough money to afford them. As a result, addicts get involved in burglaries for getting money for illicit drug use like marijuana, heroin, ice, cocaine, inhalants, tranquilizers, and other kinds of narcotics.

Los Angeles has a lot of lavish and comfortable detox centers. Despite knowing about the treatment, addicts still choose drugs over treatment. And when they reach a point where they can’t see any end, then they take a turn and wish for recovery. People think that addiction is a physical disease but in reality, it is all about the game and control of your mind. It is all about getting control on your needs. This is the reason that therapies are the major part of the entire treatment in a rehab center. Therapies have the power to directly trigger the mind factors which mold the thinking of addicts against drugs. There are various types of therapies conducted while treatment which we will discuss today. Look at Los Angeles Detox Center for more information.

Individual Therapy Session

This therapy involves only the counselor and individual. Addicts are asked to analyze their selves to explore that when they felt the need for drugs and got addicted to the misuse of drugs. Counselors guide them in these meetings about how they can positively pass their time. They are instructed to use their life and time purposefully. Addicts are told about their triggers and the counselor gives them a way to deal with such prompting situations for avoiding the chances of relapse. It is also known as behavioral therapy that aids the addict to reinvent their thought process and bring changes to their behavior for a sober life.

Group therapist sessions

The second technique used by drug professionals is group therapy. Group therapies are meant to be the backbone of the treatment occurring in a recovery center. The group which is involved in heroin is gathered together, similarly, a group who is addicted to alcohol collectively makes a group, and sometimes some groups involve people who use multiple forms of drugs. This group setting allows the interaction of people who are suffering from almost the same symptoms. In this way, addicts get the courage that they are not alone and they have the support of many people around them. People who suffer from the same problems often have the same mindsets and understand each other better which in return helps in the recovery.

Family Therapy

Lastly, we will discuss family therapy. This program is offered by mainstream rehab centers. This encourages the families of an addict to participate in the journey of recovery of their loved ones. The support of family while recovering is a pillar that boosts the confidence of the addicted person.