Is there any substance behind lucky and unlucky streaks?

Gamblers can be very superstitious about their form and luck when playing games in online casinos. Some will have to wait until they believe that their current bad luck has expired before playing a game. Yet, is any weight behind a lucky or an unlucky series of results?

Consider the game mechanics

‘Luck’ as a concept is tough to define. The rules of each game define how much skill is needed compared to the amount of luck. There are games like poker where they are somewhat equally balanced and fruit machines are almost entirely chance-based. Each time you play a game like a slot machine or roulette, the outcome is entirely random. Even if you think that you’re on a winning streak, it’s purely happenstance.

Games like poker, blackjack and baccarat rely on chance-based elements but require players to utilise their skills and knowledge of the game. Employing different strategies for new scenarios as they emerge necessitates more than luck. Even if you’re on a fortunate streak, you will lose your next hand if you fail to implement the skills needed to succeed.

If gamblers use this practical, evidence-based approach, they will be able to withstand both victories and losses more constructively – rather than relying on the concept of luck.

A positive mentality could foster positive returns.

If you believe you are on a winning streak, there’s a good chance that you will feel good about yourself and your abilities to play your chosen game. This will undoubtedly boost your confidence and, in theory, your chances of winning. Of course, it doesn’t always work out this way, as you can be overconfident, but having a healthy belief in yourself can be a performance enhancer. After all, multiple sports teams and professional athletes have engrained the notion that believing in themselves is the most important factor when it comes to success; the same practice applies to online casino games.

Knowing when to stop is essential, even if you’re on a hot winning or lucky streak. It could be that you got a fortunate break with the last few cards with your hand, but your opponents did not. It would be wise to understand your ability and not rely on the same luck again to succeed, as it may be impossible to replicate.

You can lose before you start.

Converse to a winning mentality, if you accept that you are on a losing streak, you can slip further into the void and end up with more significant losses. This double-down thinking does not benefit any player. Instead of omitting that you have succumbed to an unlucky phase, disregard luck as a concept and appreciate that games are random or skill-based. If you can’t shake the feeling, stop playing on the online casino for the day.

If you log on to the online casino having a bad day already, you could bring that negative and unlucky energy. For example, if you broke up with your partner, received a threatening letter from the debt collectors, and burnt your hand while making coffee, it might not be a good idea to start playing online casino games unless you have something to keep you in check. You could always use cash app to play legally here on casino sites that accept the app, and that way you’ve got an extra failsafe to stop you from spending too much money because there’s an extra deposit system to make you think twice.

Not unlucky, just bad at the game

It can be hard to accept, but if you feel that your last few sessions on the online casino have left you feeling unlucky, the chances are that you’re not unlucky… and you’re just bad at the casino game you’ve played. If you lost every hand at blackjack or poker without a chance of winning across multiple play sessions, it’s time to hone your skills in a risk-free environment instead of haemorrhaging cash.

Question lucky elements

It could be that you think your winning streak is a product of your lucky red t-shirt that you won when you made multiple triumphant hands while playing at the online casino. Yet, is it another reason why you’ve done well? You’re wearing your red T-shirt because it’s the weekend, so you’ve not been at work and have more free time to focus on the games. It’s probably that rather than the material you are wearing.

All streaks end eventually.

As long as you aren’t playing a rigged game, all streaks of bad or good luck will end with a result interrupting the series. Arsenal went 49 games undefeated in English football before they were defeated. The Undertaker saw his winning streak at Wrestlemania come tumbling down to Brock Lesnar and Novak Djokovic losing after winning 43 matches. No online casino player can win or lose forever (as long as it’s a fair game and they understand the game’s base rules).