hen Apple announced that iTunes would be delayed until November, there was a lot of grumbling. However, now that the app is here and users, professional and otherwise, have been singing its praises. Looking for iTunes 11 reviews? Tapscape has a bunch and boilded them down to the truly useable bits you need.

Fans and haters alike all seem to love iTunes 11’s all-new Mini Player. Further, there’s general agreement that the app is faster, way faster, which is a very good thing given how logy the app had become in recent years.

Additionally, the iTunes 11 reviews also seem to agree that the app’s new layout is both easier on the eyes and generally a joy to navigate.

• It has a lot of new, tasty tidbits, reorganizes the UI somewhat, and simplifies things without taking away, from what I’ve seen so far, what we love about iTunes. My initial reaction is that Apple took its time and got it right. There’s no reason that I know of not to upgrade and enjoy the fun — MacObserver, John Martellaro.

• My favorite thing in iTunes 11, by a huge margin, is the mini player. I can see myself making a lot of use of that. I’ve got a feeling that this is just the beginning of a new era for iTunes, though — Cult of Mac, Giles Turnbull.

• In addition to a completely reworked and greatly simplified user interface that’s a lot easier to get around using keyboard shortcuts, iTunes is now much, much, much more responsive. I am very much liking iTunes 11 — cleaner, faster and much easier to get around… — Fairer Platform.

• In the end, if you’re already an iTunes user or an Apple device owner, you should download this update even with the minor drawbacks. It’s easier to use and the new interface makes sense, but don’t expect a turbo boost on a program that does as much as iTunes does — News.com, Jason Parker

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• But overall, this is iTunes revamped belatedly for its multimedia purpose and updated for music from the cloud. Some users may decry the fact that it is not more revolutionary, but most surely will see it as a siginificant, pleasingly familiar improvement. — The Telegraph (UK), Matt Warman.

• Importantly, you can now jump around a playlist without having to open up the full application window. In other words, it’s actually a MiniPlayer—the useful iTunes porthole we’ve been waiting for since mp3s became a thing in the “Gettin’ Jiggy With it” era. Well done, Apple. — Gizmodo, Mario Aguilar.

• Overall, the new iTunes is a joy to use for DJs. It still has what’s good about the old iTunes (smart, rule-based playlists; easy store access; unrivalled integration with all major DJ software) but is now more compelling, more visual, more streamlined, and more fun to use — Digital DJ Tips, Phil Morse.

Yes, the iTunes 11 reviews are in and, though you can certainly find a complaint or three, especially regarding iCloud performance, the verdict overall is resoundingly positive.

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