An Apple iWatch is something that has been rumoured for a long time, but is a topic that has had a lot of analysts wondering if the watch market is something Apple want to tackle. Although it may not necessarily be a reality yet, this iWatch concept looks as good as the real thing could.

MacUser Magazine has worked up this incredible leather concept of the iWatch showing what they believe it could like.

We worked with 3D artist Martin Hajek to conceive, design and construct a plausible Apple watch,’ said Adam Banks, Editor in Chief of MacUser magazine.


Unlike most other iWatch prototypes, this one actually looks like something stylish and realistic that Apple may release to market.

We came to the conclusion that Apple’s most likely play would be to keep its watch as conventional as possible, with the feel of something classic rather than excitably innovative.

Leather has been used in Apple products before with the Smart Cover for the iPad, and this is really where this concept gets its inspiration. The iWatch itself looks just like a shrunken down iPad Mini mounted on a leather wrist strap, running what appears like a full version of iOS.

We came back to the classic leather strap, something Apple could make well – like the iPad Smart Cover, for example – but for which third parties could also offer alternatives.

It shouldn’t exactly be too hard for Apple to design this product, if it doesn’t already exist. Just combining the previous version of their iPod Nano with a full version of iOS will give the desired function. Couple this with a few features borrowed from the iPad Mini, and you’ve got a concept that shouldn’t be too hard to bring to market.

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