The iWatch has to be up there with the iTV rumours that are concept products every Apple fan is waiting to be announced. We’ve seen a fair share of iWatch concepts before, and even from Martin Hajek who has undoubtedly produced the most realistic and best looking concepts, and he’s add it again with a new lineup of mockups.

Concepts built for MacUser magazine, Hajek has designed what he thinks the iWatch should look like, and they look simply stunning. Featuring a curved display and a leather wrist strap, the mockups not only look more appealing than previous mockups, but actually look like a watch and product Apple could release.iWatch_3iWatch_2iWatch_1


As fantastic as these concepts look, unfortunately that is all they currently are – concepts. An iWatch is something that has been rumoured for a long time, and everyone is thinking Apple will eventually release an iWatch, so much so that both Samsung and Google are predicting Apple’s next move and working on Smart Watches of their own.

Bringing a pairing function to an iWatch that could receive notifications from a variety of applications would take the iPhone and iOS to the next level, and be competing with the latest news Google Glass can interact with the iPhone.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple have planned for the iWatch, or if it is just another rumour mill speculation that will never see the consumer market.

Either way, enjoy these renderings and imagine something this good looking sitting on your wrist. The full renderings can be seen on Martin’s website here.

Let us know what you think of the renderings in the comment section below, and if you think an iWatch is something that Apple will release, or something that will forever be just a concept for us to dream about.

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