Technically speaking, there is not an App for it, but you can kill a hive of bees with your iPhone. A Swiss research team conducted 83 experiments that found mobile phone calls cause bees to flee from their hive, become disoriented, then die.

The study was reported in the bee journal (apparently those exist), Apidologie. Researchers found that the bees responded violently to a mobile phone in the middle beste online casino of a call. The hive began to make a noise called “working piping signal” that caused the bees to flee from their hive, fly erratically, then suddenly die. The response was not observed when a phone was off or in an idle state.

It should be noted that other experts say there is no evidence that mobile phones pose any risk to bees, and that farming, the decline of wild flowers, and pesticides are the major reason for the recent decrease in the bee population. Norman Carreck, a bee expert from Sussex University, said: “It”s an interesting study but it doesn”t prove that mobile phones are responsible for colony collapse disorder. If you physically knock a hive, or open one up to examine it, it has the same result.”

  1. I bet if you light it on fire they flee, too. Is this Carreck sponsored by mobile pone companies?
    Sounds very concerning to me.

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