Though Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a big splash with the $50 a year 4G Kindle Fire data plan, the 250MB data cap isn't enough to watch a single HD movie…

How much does $50 buy you on AT&T’s LTE network? Not much. Although Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a big, big splash with the announcement that consumers will be able to buy a 4G Kindle Fire data plan for just $50 a year, the monthly 250MB data cap isn’t enough to watch a single HD movie.

Here are the things you can’t do in a single month if buy a Kindle Fire (HD) and Amazon’s $50 a year 4G LTE data plan:

• View more than 900 webpages (about 30 a day)

• Watch more than 120 minutes of standard definition web video

• Listen to more than 600 minutes of low-fi streaming audio

• Watch a single 1.5 hour HD movie

Mix and match, and that’s one not so long afternoon at Starbucks. In fact, it might all be gone before the barista finishes pouring your second Americano.

Kindle Fire Data Plan: Can’t Get There from Here

So, boys and girls, 250MB of data on AT&T’s LTE network won’t get you very far, but you will get there really fast. Moreover, when you hit that cap, Ma Bell shuts you out until next month.

Whereas there’s no risk of data overage fees, users will be immediately choked off — the Amazon/AT&T Kindle Fire Data Plan doesn’t allow any overage at any price.

And, if you want to upgrade to a higher data cap — 3GB for $30/month or 5GB for $50/month – be ready to pay a $36 activation fee, an egregious charge that doesn’t apply with Amazon’s 250MB plan.

Or, put another way, Amazon and AT&T are selling 3GB (12 x 250MB) of data for $50, but you can only have a little nibble of that every month and they’re asking for a 66 percent mark up over their regular price.

Are you buying the Kindle Fire data plan?

via Wall Street Journal

  1. 9 MB’s a day! Your breakdown of what this data plan offers is truly unhelpful. If you had a breakdown of how many days a typical person could use this plan for before running out, would far more insightful. My guesstimate would be 2-3 days tops. This allows for one trip to YouTube to watch a 5 min SD video.

    Truly pathetic Amazon.

  2. This article is ridiculous–the plan is just meant as a convenient fill-in for when you are traveling and not near WiFi. It is exactly what I want–just to be able to check email and pull up a map when I am traveling, otherwise I do everything else on Wifi. Data plans rack up a huge amount of money a year–and I don’t need or want that.

  3. Hi James, don’t be sorry. Unless you work at Starbucks, I guess the majority of the time you won’t be there. So then what?

    Isn’t the point of having an LTE radio the ability to connect to the internet in more locations than say Wi-Fi? The bus, the train, in the middle of a city. Just a thought.

  4. the $50 is a teaser. For many people like me it will be all they need. Check facebook and e-mail. For others they will realize wow I like being able to do anything anywhere and they will get a full data plan.

  5. Exactly. I was also going to point out how ridiculous this article is. I have the 250 MB plan for my iPad, and I never come anywhere using that amount of data, because I’m mainly on WiFi. I pay $15 a month for this thru AT&T, or $180 a year. I’d jump all over a plan like this if it were available for iPad.

  6. Thanks Saarrinna, you are obviously correct. EVERYBODY in the world only uses 9MB a day, just like you. LMAO. Sorry but you make me laugh.

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