Is It Really Possible To Hack An FB Account?

The short answer is yes.

Technically, you can use a legit tool such as Pass Finder to get Facebook passwords via an ID, phone number or email. Pass Finder software can recover Facebook passwords quickly and easily no matter how complex or simple it is, ultimately giving any individual guaranteed access to an unlimited number of Messenger and Facebook accounts.

2018 Marks The Largest Ever Facebook Breach

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Product Management VP, announced that the social media platform was hacked on September 25 using a certain vulnerability.

A code in Facebook was exploited, which allowed the attackers to steal Facebook access tokens. In the View As feature, hackers harvested millions of Facebook passwords, effectively taking over the accounts.

Access tokens are a form of cookies that allow people to stay logged in computers without having to re-enter their credentials. Guy Rosen addressed the immediate concerns, stating that the breach was quickly patched by the developers and the incident has been reported to the authorities. To protect the security of Facebook users, the access token of 50 million Facebook accounts which were compromised were reset.

How Can I Know If I’m Affected?

Since the hack Facebook password issue was fixed by resetting the access tokens, there are several ways to determine whether or not you’re among the 50 million Facebook users who have been affected by the security breach.

First, open Facebook and see if you don’t need to re-enter your username and password. If yes, then chances are that your Facebook account is not affected.

But if you find yourself logged out and needing to log in again, then it’s a safe bet that your account is among the ones that were hacked. You’ll also receive a notification inside Facebook in your News Feed why you had to re-log in and what happened.