iPhone 5C

Apple made its biggest splash since the death of pioneer Steve Jobs in the 2nd week of September with the release both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c models. Both devices are coming in with an unexpected level of hype surrounding them, especially more so with the iPhone 5c.

Rumor has proven true that the iPhone 5s is the first of the iPhone prototypes to come in gold instead of the traditional black, and the alternative white encasement. This is a significant change from Apple’s design norms that that positions Apple’s iPhone for luxury-loving developing countries such as India and China. But the bigger story is the iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5CFor years, Apple has stayed firmly on top of the smartphone game, as sales of the iPhone models have always lived up to their hype, and has delivered steadily for the company. But for the past couple of years or so, Korean Tech Giant Samsung has become given Apple a run for their money, especially with the success of the Samsung S2, and the S3 in the global market. This has been due to Samsung targeting mid to low-income markets in Asia. But with the September 10 launch set by Apple, and the unveiling of the iPhone 5c, perhaps Apple is set to level the smartphone field with the “budget iPhone.”

The iPhone 5c, with the “c” allegedly denoting “color” will be following the template of the recent iterations of the Apple iPod Touch and iPod Nano with its choice of pastel colors on the back. Photos from a Chinese blog have all but confirmed this with units lined up with different colored backs. But a more telling detail to the iPhone 5c which you could buy the accessories from everbuying is that it will come in plastic, instead of the original aluminum. Not only will this make the unit more resistant to scratches and bumps, but more importantly lessens the production cost, and ultimately its retail cost.



What does this mean for users? First off, this could set off the chain of people moving towards Apple, as many netizens have always pegged Apple as pricey, and too steep for their range. But its performance and technology are among the best. Secondly, this could be good news for iPhone accessory designers and manufacturers as an influx of new iPhone users can only mean better business in the years to come, especially if Apple makes it a point to continue this path to accommodate new markets. Any and all iPhone 5c accessories will be greatly entertaining, and some would argue that the possible savings would better be used to buy accessories for the iPhone 5c. Manufacturers are certainly gearing themselves, even perhaps a month back to prepare their iPhone 5c accessories to entertain and supply the sudden rush and demand for latest iphone 5c accessories and peripherals.


In any case, whether this venture ends up profitable for Apple or not, this can only mean good news for smartphone users who have been aching for the Apple experience, but have had to settle for cheaper alternatives.