The South Korean phone maker, LG is due to release its flagship phone for the year. The company usually releases its G-series phone in January or early in the year during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is held in Barcelona.

However, this year, the company didn’t make an appearance at MWC, breaking the loop. At the moment, the rumors speculate that the company will release the successor to the G6 sometime around March-April.

The G7, the expected LG’s flagship of 2018 will be competing with other high end phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S9, another phone which is yet to unveiled, the Pixel, and the iPhones.

LG’s G6 was a good phone, however, it wasn’t perfect; it just wasn’t great, it was just *good*. The G6 could do everything another flagship by Samsung, Apple or HTC could do but it couldn’t do it that good. For example, the camera setup on the G6 includes two shooters on the back just like the iPhone, the Note 8, and other phones but the resulting pictures from the cameras just wouldn’t match the quality of the iPhone or the Note 8.

The phone, however, did have some niche features of its own like Quad-DAC which allows for a much greater sounding music experience while wearing supported headphones.

Overall, the phone was just plain good. It didn’t have many negatives. But “the good” was just not enough for people to consider buying it; the sales of the G6 weren’t great. That makes sense, why would people go for the G6 when there are much better options in the market.

If LG is indeed serious about making a mark in the market with its flagship phone then it should start giving attention to detail; it could start by making the camera experience and the quality on par the iPhone.

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