LG Optimus L9

LG Optimus L9

For those of us that don’t want the most expensive new iPhone or that latest Android device, there are quite a few midrange and entry devices on the market. Many times these devices don’t look nearly as nice, though. What if you want a device that has a rather premium look and decent hardware, but won’t cost you an arm and leg? T-Mobile is offering the LG Optimus L9 for just $79.99 with a two year contract and a mail-in rebate.

This is an incredible value for a phone that looks like the powerful and attractive Optimus G, but doesn’t have nearly as expensive of a price tag. Okay, $79.99 is a steal, but only if the specs are worthwhile.

LG Optimus L – A Value at $79.99 with contract?

So what kind of power is under the hood for such a low price? For starters you get Gorilla Glass 2 protection on your screen and a 4.5-inch qHD display. Android ICS is also aboard, though it might eventually get the upgrade to Jelly Bean. Other specs include a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB internal memory, microSD and a 2150mAh battery. This phone isn’t going to kill devices like the iPhone 5 when it comes to power, but it is certainly quite a lot of phone for the price.

Of course there are quite a few comparable devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 that are more popular and won’t cost you much more if you get them during sale events. There are also phones that don’t look as “pretty” but cost $0-$30 with a contract that will perform almost the same. Still, if you like LG and don’t want to spend more for a quad-core device, not a bad deal. What do you think, interested in the L9 or not?

Via: Ubergizmo