How to Lower Your Mobile Data Usage
How to Lower Your Mobile Data Usage

Is your phone bill higher than it should be? If so, high data usage may be the problem and you need to find ways to address this issue. There are many simple and practical ways you can do this including the tips below.

Use Wi-Fi More Often

Using Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots more often is one of the most obvious ways to reduce your data usage because you’re using this service to access the internet and use online services instead of your phone network. Many apps have Wi-Fi only settings, which means they will only operate when you have a Wi-Fi signal.

Use One Mobile App Instead of Multiple Apps

Some phone users install a number of apps that carry out similar functions. These apps can take their toll, so you should look for a single app that carries out the same functions as a number of different, but related apps.

For instance, instead of having various apps that allow you to view news, sports and movies, you could have a single app like VIDGO that acts as a gateway to all of these services and is much more straightforward to use.

Listen to Your Music Offline

Music streaming services are extremely popular with cell phone users because you can instantly access all kinds of music on your phone. However, they’re not so popular when you get your phone bill and need to pay for these services over the course of a month.

However, you can still listen to your favorite music without it costing you a fortune by uploading your music to your phone instead. It may take a little time but it’s relatively easy to do and is a step in the right direction.

Find Out What Apps Are Using the Most Data and Remove these Apps

Some mobile apps use more data than others, so you may need to carry out some investigative work to find out which apps are the culprits for using high amounts of data. You can do this by using a range of different data monitoring tools that display your usage. Once you identify poor performing apps you should consider removing these apps from your phone or installing more efficient alternatives.

Think Carefully Before Installing Each New App

It’s very easy to start installing a large number of apps, but you may have to pay a heavy price for this type of action. Before you install a new app, carry out some research on it and find out how heavy it is on data. You should also decide if you really need it and whether or not you will use the new app on a regular basis.

Videos and Images

The convenience of today’s smartphones means it’s extremely easy and fast to send and receive content in different formats such as images and videos. Images and videos can be large. If possible, cut down on the number of images and videos you download from the internet, upload to the internet and send to other people.

Look for ways to distribute your images without going through your network. For instance, you could use Bluetooth to send and receive images and videos. However, you and the other person you are sending this content to and receiving content from, need to be located close together.

It’s not an impossible task to start reducing your mobile data usage. However, you need to become more disciplined and fussy about what you install on your phone. You should also always be on the lookout for more efficient alternatives and keep an eye on how well the apps you need perform. If you do this, you should start to see a difference every time you receive a phone bill.

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