Lumia 920 successor

Nokia is reportedly preparing a new Lumia model, which we believe will be the Lumia 920 successor. The Verge reports that sources familiar with Nokia’s plans told the news agency about this new Lumia device.

Codenamed the Nokia Catwalk, the Lumia 920 successor will be sporting a much lighter, thinner design and other sources have been saying performance and battery life will be significantly upgraded to match Android models.

Lumia 920 successor

Lumia 920 successor design

The Lumia 920 has a polycarbonate body and one of the major woes by reviewers and users alike was that the smartphone could not compete against the iPhone 5, in terms of weight and size.

Now that Nokia are testing aluminium on the body, instead of polycarbonate, the Lumia 920 successor may be as thin or thinner than the iPhone 5 and hopefully, if Nokia can manufacture the device with Apple’s precision and have all parts smaller, the Lumia 920 successor could be lighter too.

The Lumia 920 successor will also sport a faster processor and better GPU for graphics quality, alongside a much larger battery that will run the full day without charge. With the new Qualcomm and Nvidia chips released, Nokia may look to add one of those to the Windows 8 phone.

Previous Symbian 3 devices had aluminium designs and Nokia know how to make their phones light and thin. The problem is really getting this to the stage the iPhone 5 is at right now.

We are unsure if the phone will keep its vibrant colour range, they did with the previous aluminium phones so we don’t see why they can’t now. If the colour scheme goes to black and silver, the phone may lose some of its appeal.

In terms of price, nothing is certain, but given the success of the Lumia 920, we may see Nokia look to hit the same sweet spot with the successor.

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