Mac users are kinder, nicer, more giving people? It is a lot more likely that, if Mac people are indeed more generous to charities, that demographics explain the phenomenon rather any inherent goodness present in the rest of us. Nevertheless, Apple fans have a sound bite and they’re running with it.

ZDNet, quoting a Qgiv Giving Trends Report, writes that people making donations are a lot more generous than their counterparts on Windows:

Donors using a Mac OS gave 25 percent more per donation than Windows OS users. Average donation amount by OS from November 2011 – November 2012: Mac – $182 per donation Windows – $137 per donation (25 percent less than Mac users) — Qgiv

Four Mac people donate as much as five Windows sufferers, which is very significant and probably enough to skew charity marketing toward the Apple faithful.

That said, it has long been known that Mac people are younger, more urban (i.e. connected), better educated and make significantly more money than either Windows or Linux users, which is a more satisfactory explanation as to why they’re more generous than any BS about how good we are…

What’s your take?

image via Cult of Mac

  1. Democrats give more, Democrats use Macs more. Do I have proof? Yes. Ever see a Libertarian give a donation of any kind? No. Ever see a Republican give to something besides a church or the NRA? Me neither, so there you go.

  2. Apple customers may give more money to charity but Apple themselves give practically nothing to charity. They would be amongst the worst corporate citizens in the world.

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