macOS High Sierra [For Representational purpose]
macOS High Sierra [For Representational purpose]

Apple’s WWDC is just a day away, and we’re already being treated to fresh (interesting) leaks. A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith discovered a video showing off a new dark mode in macOS. The video is 30 seconds long, and apparently of macOS 10.14 version.

macOS is already popular for its dark mode which was unveiled by Apple few years ago. However, the dark mode available at present, is only applicable to the dock and the menu bar. The dark mode can be toggled from system preferences by all latest macOS users. Nonetheless, the new leaked build shows off a dark mode for a newer version of Xcode (10).

Also, when the video is carefully studied, its worth noting that, the trash icon also appears to be of a dark colour. The video hints at an upcoming dark mode as a system wide feature. It’ll be great if Apple does indeed do that; it’ll align perfectly with its latest dark (space grey) efforts with the iMac Pro (and maybe also for the upcoming Mac Pro tower).

Dark mode appears to be the new trend, as almost all operating system makers are trying to do so: Microsoft is rumoured to be working on dark mode version of Windows 10; Google was also rumoured to be working on a darker Android version, however, the rumours died down eventually.

Apart from the dark mode, the video also shows off a new Apple News app (icon) to be present in the dock. macOS 10.4 also appears to be sprucing up the Mac App Store with more intuitive video previews for (select) apps. Previously, Apple was rumoured to be working on merging iOS and macOS apps but that doesn’t seem to be happening this year as the company moved its focus from “new features” to “stability” this year, according to a leaked document.

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