MAJAYA iPad Game

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MAJAYA is an iPad game developed by EDDA G. In this clever game of dexterity, you control a ball that must be carefully guided through a maze. In order to progress through the maze, you need to roll over “paint cartridges” in order to pass through the corresponding colored barriers.

Here’s the somewhat flowery description of this iPad game from the App Store: “Majaya ball fell down on a grey, volcanic planet…The only way to get out of this mysterious world is to launch the color-fueled rocket. In the subterranean maze of colorful obstacles she has to find the paint cartridges.”

MAJAYA iPad GameMAJAYA iPad Game

At first, you will just roll up a single color cartridge to pass through matching colored barriers. However, as the game progresses, you will need to roll up different paint colors in order to blend them together. This game would be great for teaching kids about color theory, but it’s just as much fun for adults.

The sound design is really great in MAJAYA. Between the charming, atmospheric music and the cutesy little sighs and cheers that come from rolling around on the screen, MAJAYA produces a wonderful soundscape that vastly improves a game that, quite frankly, was already pretty great to begin with.

MAJAYA iPad GameMAJAYA iPad Game

Equally charming are the wide array of hand-drawn level environments. They are complex, but with plenty of character. The levels range from somewhat simple to delightfully devious.

Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed when I checked out the App Store description, or when I first opened the app. But after just one level, I was totally hooked. Challenging both your mind and your dexterity, MAJAYA is a great brainteaser for kids and adults alike. If you like your puzzles with a side of whimsy, this is the game for you.

MAJAYA is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.