Playing games is usually considered as a “waste of time” by parents and elders alike. Well, too much of it can bad but if you do play games a lot, you could channel your craving towards making some money. You might think, why would someone pay money for me to play games but it’s worth noting that, the internet is growing at a rapid pace and while doing that, its opening up new & different fronts.

Online gaming is the new way people are beginning to make money. Such type of games are also known by the name judi online gaming. Its not known to everyone as its still growing but I hope this article can help bolster the gaming community. Obviously the games online are not exactly as the ones available on PS4 or the Xbox but few of them are interesting mind games which makes your mind busy.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular platform to earn money; it’s especially popular with students and netizens alike. You can play mind turning games or even play action games like usual GTA style where you control the character. The task will be to gain points by saving the character from obstacles.

GSN also works with Swagbucks to provide a “pay-to-play” online gaming model where the player has to pay a dollar and in return the company will pay upto $18. The platform offers games like Bejeweled 2, The Price Is Right, many slot games, and also games based on TV shows. The earned money can be withdrawn through PayPal, the popular platform for exchanging cash internationally.

CashDazzle is another popular online gaming platform which pays the players. It offers a huge catalogue of premium and freemium games tagged along with cash prizes day-to-day. The users can play games anytime to make some money but if they’d like to make huge amounts, they can participate in the sweepstakes.

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