Memory Android Game Review

Price: Free     Score: 7/10    Category: Games

Published by Random I Am, Memory is simple puzzle game which tests your ability to remember patterns.

Memory is a very simple game but will definitely keep you challenged and engaged for hours. Memory has 3 levels which toggles the size of the grid on the game screen and changes the cute little icons.

The game begins with 1 icon changing in which you have to click the icon which flicked over, then two icons to which you have to click the two icons which flicked over in order, then 3 icons etc. As the game progresses the amount of icons which are flicked over increases and the speed in which the icons flick over increases. Its as easy as that.

Now we have all seen this kind of game before but they keep coming up for a reason, they are fun and challenging and the new versions which come out seem to always have a little twist to make them unique and keep us playing them.

I know my friends and I used to compete on games similar to this years ago and used to text each other our scores but Memory has been integrated into Facebook to assist you in bragging about your score and how much smarter you are than your friends.

Facebook integration can be turned on and off so while you are still learning your low scores will be kept private, I can tell you that I’m glad some of my lower scores were kept to myself.

Memory performs a simple task but does it well, all graphics and sounds work very well together and the outcome is a nicely polished game. It has kept me amused for quite a while and some of my family members who aren’t as tech savvy have found Memory a nice way to begin using smart phones and tablets.

Overall Memory is an easy game to pick up and play and will provide entertainment for all ages. It may not be one of those games that you play all the time but it will definitely be one of those games you keep on your phone and play time and time again.

It would be great if it had the option to add friends via Facebook and possibly have an online highscore so lets hope this comes in future releases. Good job Random I Am!!

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