MEVU Bitcoin Bracelet Provides New Way To Use The Currency

MEVU Labs has release a video showing off a prototype of a new bracelet that could allow people to pay for things with Bitcoin. Since the bracelet is Bluetooth-ready, it can connect to payment devices wirelessly and the user can simply provide a gesture with their arm to send payment.

MEVU Bitcoin Bracelet Provides New Way To Use The CurrencyThere are some obvious issues with the MEVU bracelet, such as how it would avoid sending a payment if you just happened to move your arm in a strange way, but the concept is neat and MEVU presumably has things figured out to avoid accidental payments.

Bitcoin is a useful cryptocurrency and it is also the largest. Now that stores are beginning to accept the currency instead of only dgfev online casino allowing people to pay with dollars, this could be at least one way that sending payments becomes easier. That being said, I”d much rather use my phone to send a payment via NFC.

In the demo video, MEVU shows how someone could pay for parking, give a tip, or pay for just about anything with the bracelet.

It”s important to note that using the bracelet for Bitcoin payments is just one usecase for the wearable. In fact, MEVU has developed its own wearable operating system called Alive OS as an alternative to mainstream software sets like Android Wear.

The bracelet will be able to do a wide variety of things and just happens to come with the ability to send out Bitcoin payments. MEVU says that its wearable  includes features like a glance-able display, voice feedback, 3D motion sensing, and gesture recognition.

MEVU is allowing people to sign-up for updates on its website and if you happen to be a developer, you can also apply for a developer previous. Given the fact that a working prototype appears to be ready, we assume that the MEVU bracelet is not that far away.

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Summary: MEVU has release a video showing off one usecase for its upcoming bracelet. The wearable device can be used to send Bitcoin payments, something that is quite unique.

image credit: mevu