Microsoft Business Partnership With Surface Membership Payment Plans
Microsoft Business Partnership With Surface Membership Payment Plans

In a recent business move, Microsoft opened up new types of payment options for businesses (to better incorporate devices like Surface Pro) that need technology for their operations but can’t afford to buy them all in a lump sum.

CA– Many businesses have a lot of unconsidered overhead to consider. They have to worry about bills, taxes, and innovation. This innovation can get very expensive though, depending on a business’s needs. That’s why Microsoft is teaming up with LiftForward to make it easier for businesses to make purchases. This change is expected to helps businesses better budget for expenses because they can make payments easily with more affordable monthly payments (with additional costs associated with interest over time).

This definitely shakes things up for small businesses that need newer avenues for technology (especially if they need twenty or more devices- which could get expensive).

Surface Membership Values and Perks

Getting a Surface Membership Plan gives you more options when it comes to delivering business training (7 days a week with in-store training and support) as well as discounts for purchases virtually anywhere. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of a handy Microsoft extended service plan and accidental damage protection.

Plans have been reported to start around $32.99 a month (but LiftForward ultimately makes the decision regarding the final costs). Businesses can get the Surface 3, the Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Book for extended periods of time (between 18,24, or 30 months). Buyers can also get plans that include free or low cost hardware upgrades for future Surface device upgrades for free when new devices or software is developed.

More Expensive Than Buying Devices Outright, But Still a Great Option for New Businesses

These kinds of plans create unexpected payments and bills, but the benefits associated with getting in-store training (versus paying other companies to develop the content) saves businesses considerable amounts of money. The additional 7 day support plans, as well as accidental damage protection and free upgrades often make these kinds of support plans more worthwhile.

Some Flaws With the New System

Depending on how many devices people purchase or how much service companies use, the biggest question right now is whether or not businesses will be able to use extensive training programs, service plans, or get help “7 days a week” for every plan. That being said, it will be interesting to see how businesses approach this new service.