Microsoft Patent Details Smartwatch Plan

Microsoft Patent Details Smartwatch PlanA Microsoft patent has been uncovered that seemingly backs up 2013 and 2014 reports that the company will be coming out with its own smartwatch. Included in the patent are designs that explain where the display, power source, etc are located.

Given the information that is sketched out on the Microsoft smartwatch’s display, it appears as though the company is at least somewhat focused on health applications. Much like Apple is rumored to be including fitness/health features in its iWatch, the Microsoft smartwatch may include similar features that are already found on other wearable devices.

According to the patent, which was discovered by Patent Bolt, the display/computing device can be removed from the band. This means that it should be possible to swap out bands for the Microsoft smartwatch, which does add some customizability to the product. On the other hand, this sort of feature is very unlikely from a company like Apple.

As for the actual fitness features “included” on the device, icons for a heart rate monitor and distance run calculator are found in the patent. As this is nothing more than a patent, we have yet to confirm that these features–or the smartwatch itself–will be coming out in the near future.

Microsoft’s entrance into the smartwatch market has been predicted by members of the industry since 2013 and given the enormous amount of wealth in that growing sector, Microsoft would be foolish to completely leave itself out.

However, since there are very few legitimate leaks surrounding a Microsoft smartwatch, if one were to come out, it would be up against a slew of competitors. The first Android Wear devices are set to come out within the next few months and after that, the Apple iWatch is rumored to be coming out. Even though there will be a lot of companies involved in the market by the end of 2014, it will take at least a year or two for a dominate company to arise, giving Microsoft time to make its move.

Summary: A patent for a Microsoft smartwatch has been found. The patent shows a device with possible fitness applications and the ability to swap out bands.

image via patentbolt