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apple iphone 5s microsoft adMicrosoft has removed their iPhone 5S attack ads from YouTube following a series of complaints from users. The company had posted the new iPhone 5S/5C attack ads on the official Microsoft channel on Friday but the videos were removed shortly afterwards.

The main video, titled “A Fly on the Wall in Cupertino” was horribly received. In the video, employees from Apple are throwing around ideas for the iPhone 5S and at one point, a small insult towards the Apple iWatch is also put out.

Sorry we’re late, my iWatch had to go back to R&D,” says one of the employees present in the meeting. The two employees who are pitching ideas seem to be talking to a Steve Jobs-like person, but the back of his head is all that is shown.

The employees are obviously meant to be portrayed as unimaginative, lacking any sort of creativity. Once all of negative comments and dislikes began pouring in, Microsoft made the wise decision to take down the video.

“The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino…But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.” stated Microsoft.

Of course, based off of previous anti-Apple videos and the general relationship between Apple and Microsoft, it is hard for them to be called “friends.”

Another YouTube user has since re-posted the advertisement (see below.) That video has already attracted nearly 100,000 views, and far more dislikes than likes.

Apple has been quiet regarding the anti-iPhone 5S ads and has not released any statement in response to Microsoft’s small attempt to attack the new smartphones.

Criticism along the lines of “the jokes simply are not funny” has been the most common type of reaction from viewers. For the sake of Microsoft’s reputation, it is good that they took down the childish video.

  1. i had a Lumia phone , took it back after 3 days and swapped for a Samsung android which is 1000x better ,Microsoft’s handsets look nice and the build quality is great but the OS is complete garbage!!

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