Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Whether you are a Microsoft fan or not, the Microsoft Surface certainly has the potential to be a game changer. For the first time ever, Microsoft is producing its own computer hardware. Even better, they somehow managed to create a device that is sexy and well-designed, if not a little iPad-esque.

You have to wonder though, is this a case of “looks can be deceiving”, or is the Surface the real McCoy? In the past, Microsoft has been known to have some pretty serious hardware issues, for example the Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360. Now it is true that the 360’s problems has a lot to do with rushing out the gate to beat Sony to the punch, but how do we know this problem won’t affect the Microsoft-made tablet?

I truly believe that Microsoft has learned from its past and is creating something worthwhile, but only time will tell for sure. What kind of hardware does the device pack? There will be ARM-based versions and a higher-end Intel model. We don’t know all the specifics, but we will find out soon.

Microsoft Surface Event and Midnight Launch

We now have confirmation that October 25th will be the Windows 8 launch party. Here we will see plenty of Win8-related devices and announcements. It also is certain that Microsoft will give us the final juicy details missing from the Surface— like the actual price.

The Microsoft Stores will also be ready and open for a midnight launch to follow on October 26th. Still, you have to wonder why Microsoft has waited so long to fill in the missing blanks and generate hype. There are two possible reasons: the Microsoft Surface is VERY high priced and MS doesn’t want to let anyone know the bad news. The second reason is that they have some really huge bargain deal and they want their announcement on the 25th to garner so much excitement that everyone rushes out to the Microsoft Stores and buys a Surface.

I have a feeling that MS is betting on the second strategy. Rumors claim that they could be selling the Surface for as little as $250 with a contract-based service that would include special features in a way similar to Xbox Live. Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface or not?

Via: International Business Times