Surface Pro 4

The news about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 successor – Surface Pro 5 is roaming that it is to hit the shelves prior WWDC 2016 and will go on Apple’s newest MacBook Pro line.

Right at the distance of one month ,Apple Inc.’s upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2016) will be arranged. Apple’s lovers are so excited for the event and most of them believed that the newest generation MacBook Pros would be announced during the WWDC.

The followers of Microsoft followers are restlessly waiting for Apple’s leading competitor to announce the prospects for the latest version of their laplet line, the Surface Pro 5. Surface Pro 4 has been made available for more than 6 months. But, if we have a glance at the past, Microsoft releases one Surface Pro product every year. Now, at this time, it is expected to an extent that the arrival of Surface Pro 5 for any time would soon be confirmed.

Microsoft has remained so close to the details that are spread around regarding the Surface Pro 5. However, the information about the laplet has leaked online. Based on this information, the Surface Pro 5 is a gadget worth for the saving up.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet Specifications

PC Advisor suggested that the surface Pro 5 should possess the latest generation of Intel processor which presently remains uncertain about Microsoft efforts for the upcoming Kaby Lake processor or Sky lake Chip.

Furthermore, the news roamed about the claim that the Surface Pen that comes with the laplets would undergo some serious changes for upgrades ,such as the Surface Pro 5. The Pen is notably anticipated to be having a rechargeable battery which can be charged automatically whenever attached to the Surface Pro by a magnetic way.

The news also spread about the Surface Pro 5 to be the first device of the line equipped with the USB-C port because the previous versions of the Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 4were not having the same facility and only had a USB 3.0.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet Launch Date and Pricing

According to Tech Times, the announcement of Surface Pro 5 is expected to be made by October 2016, similar to the other versions of its unrevealed. Nevertheless, the news is continuously roaming about the claim that the Microsoft laplet line will be at your hand by next month, ready exactly for competition with Apple’s MacBook Pro line.

Moreover, the Surface Pro 5 is expected with similar price as compared to the previous versions, and the laplet’s available with distinctive features to fit everyone’s need. More leaks are still to come.

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