Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been removed from the company’s website

Microsoft had earlier removed its Surface 3, the affordable 2-in-1 that was intended to be used as a portable Windows 10 tablet for a high level of productivity and was meant for consumers who were not keen on spending a lot of money on products like the Surface Pro 4 or even the Surface Pro 3. However, if consumers want to purchase a Surface Pro 3 right now, their luck has run out because Microsoft has also removed the 2-in-1 from its US-based website.

If you visit the Microsoft Store, you will see that the Surface Pro 3 has indeed been listed but if you click on the ‘Order now’ button, you will be redirected to a different page of the Microsoft Store, where you will be able to see a bunch of other products that are put on sale. This could mean that Microsoft is aiming to put the final nail in the coffin of Surface Pro 3 while providing evidence for other things too. Earlier reports have claimed that the Surface Pro 5 is going to be arriving during the first quarter of 2017 and with Surface Pro 4 readily available, Microsoft could be looking for other avenues to generate revenue.

The first step could be to reduce the Surface Pro 4’s price tag to the starting price of Surface Pro 3, which was $799. Surface Pro 4 currently costs $899, so when the Surface Pro 5 officially announces, the Surface Pro 4 could start retailing for $799. Currently, if you visit online stores like Amazon, you will be able to see the Surface Pro 3 listed, with different hardware present inside the 2-in-1.

These machines are available for a cheaper price tag, meaning that the inventory could be getting cleaned out to make room for other products. Regardless, if you wanted to purchase a Surface Pro 3 and could not find it on Microsoft’s website, then online retailers should be your next destination.