minecraft education edition

Everyone loves that end-of-term period at school — less work to do, watching movies, maybe playing some games. Luckily for you, the gaming part may soon become a lot more common, with the announcement of “Minecraft Education Edition” for use in classrooms around the world.

minecraft education edition

In a rather lengthy blog post, Microsoft and Mojang revealed the new game and stated it’ll be an upgraded version of “Minecraft EDU.”

For the uninitiated, “Minecraft EDU” is a classroom-friendly version of “Minecraft,” that Microsoft will be purchasing to use as a foundation for their education-edition.

“One of the reasons ‘Minecraft’ fits so well in the classroom is because it’s a common, creative playground,” said Vu Bui, COO of Mojang.

“We’ve seen that ‘Minecraft’ transcends the differences in teaching and learning styles and education systems around the world. It’s an open space where people can come together and build a lesson around nearly anything.”

School of block

“Minecraft Education Edition” will be released as a free trial this summer, with an official launch date not yet set. In a goodwill gesture, Mojang will allow current “Minecraft EDU” users a full year of the new game for free.

Those interested in the blocky-education tool are encouraged to visit Mojang’s FAQ, sign up for updates and become a part of their educator community.

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