Minecraft Notch

Minecraft’s creator Markus Persson, aka Notch, is one programmer who’s got some serious issues with Microsoft and their upcoming Windows 8 OS.

Notch was recently approached by Microsoft regarding obtaining Windows 8 certification for Minecraft, the open-world building game that’s captured the imaginations of people across multiple platforms. Notch, however, decided to respond with a flat out “no.”

 Minecraft Notch

A GameRant article reveals that Notch has a deep dislike for Windows 8 and would rather that his creation be unplayable on Microsoft’s new OS than get official certification. Notch shared several Tweets criticizing Microsoft and his intentions of convincing people not to switch to Windows 8 by refusing certification for Minecraft.

Minecraft Windows 8 Certification

Fans were understandably worried about the future of Minecraft. However, it’s worth pointing out that not getting certified by Microsoft for Windows 8 does not necessarily mean that the game cannot be played on that system:

“Certification means the creator of the program signs off that their program won’t restart the system, play around with multiple logins and in general must meet a certain quality standard. Whether certified or not, Microsoft’s latest operation system will feature block-based builder, despite Notch’s distaste for both company and system.”

Notch’s rant on Twitter was met with a flood of tweets and emails from fans and critics alike, forcing Notch to tell all of them to “take a chill pill.”

Are you with Minecraft’s Notch on this one? Or do you think he’s being too harsh on Microsoft and Windows 8? Share your two cents in the comments below!


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