Major League Baseball Advanced Media has released updates to all of its mobile apps, adding a multitude of newfound features in a major makeover of its iDevice applications.

The reinvention offers a less clumsy Gameday view and now even sports custom graphics specific to each team.  Major-league parks and team uniforms are now easily identifiable in comparison to the confusion offered by the previous interface.

The overall design of the app has been simplified in more ways than one. The scoreboard has been reworked and features a new block-letter typeface and background insets reminiscent of the hand-operated scoreboards found in the most classic ballparks. Tap on a pitch in the Gameday view and users can easily receive data  relating to speed, trajectory, and type from Major League Baseball’s unique in-stadium tracking system.

Both the application specific to the iPad and the At Bat 11 for iPhone features free out-of-market game video for all owners during the first month of the season.  It will run users looking for season long coverage a whopping $99 each month.

Both apps also now support “live look-ins,” a feature that allows users to view key moments from games, live, including feeds from local teams that would normally be blacked out. The app also supports archived games, so users can easily re-live an entire game from earlier in the 2011 season.

Many thought the incoming At Bat update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch would offer a few trivial updates regarding the 2011 season, but it looks like users will be getting a lot more than they bargained for.

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