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If you’re an online operator and haven’t yet entered the world of mobile apps then you’re way behind the curve. From magazines and review sites to forums and social networks, virtually everything you can access via your computer is now available as a downloadable app or in an optimized mobile format. Although estimates as to the number of available apps on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry formats differs, it’s thought that consumers can now get their hands on more than 2.5 million mobile portals.

App reviews
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Not only that but, according to experts, the world’s mobile app economy will be worth a staggering $25 billion by 2015. This rate of growth means the market is constantly evolving and new products are coming to the fore all the time. One industry that’s embracing the mobile technology revolution is the casino world. Known for slick software in the virtual realm, operators are now upping the ante with a range of mobile platforms.

But what makes this type of casino gaming more appealing than desktop play? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of playing mobile casino games.

You Can Play for Free – Like its computer software counterpart, all legit mobile casino apps offer free play options. Giving you a chance to test out the software and your own professional casino strategies, these zero cost games offer just as much functionality and playability as play-money options via your desktop computer.

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Ante Up in an Instant – The main benefit of any mobile app is that it offers instant access to a product and this is no different in the online casino world. By simply touching your mobile screen you can instantly open up an operator’s range of games and begin gambling within a few seconds. This is fantastic if you enjoy short sessions in between other activities.

Faster Gaming – Online casinos are famously faster than live games and in most circumstances mobile platforms are even faster. Because you load games faster and the graphics are less intense than desktop clients it means mobile casino apps allow you to win more bets in a shorter space of time.

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Better Bonuses – Online casino operators are keen to push players towards their mobile clients because it means they will always be connected to the network and because of this they’re willing to give you free cash for doing it. Indeed, on top of standard welcome bonuses are loyalty rewards. Online casinos in Canada will often give players additional money in order to test out their mobile products.

Secure Software – As with online casinos you access via your computer, mobile apps are extremely safe. By utilizing mobile specific encryption measures, developers have ensured that every transaction and bet you make is protected at all times. On top of this you will also need to have a password to access a mobile casino app which will protect your bankroll if you lose your phone or it gets stolen.

When you join any of the top online casinos in the world you should now be able to find an accompanying mobile platform. Although more widely available on Android and iOS platforms, these apps are now becoming the go-to resource for canny gamblers who want to play more, win more and have more fun when they ante-up.