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With more than 300 million smartphone users in India, the mobile gaming industry has only good news to share. Lately, there has been a massive surge in the mobile game revenue from India.

As people have started to invest in mobile games, game development companies are striving to bring more ‘freemium’ model games to the market. The social card games like online rummy and Teen Patti are the driving force of the Indian gaming industry in terms of revenue.

The Role of Smartphone Penetration

The smartphone penetration in India is promising and is expected to rise in the coming years. According to Forrester Research, the global smartphone penetration is expected to hit 70% by 2020 with India spearheading the growth.

The electronic and mobile gaming culture in India is on the rise and is expected to surpass Russia and Brazil in the coming years to become the 3rd biggest mobile gaming industry in the world.

Games like Rummy have evolved through the years, and with the advent of cheaper smartphones and micropayment infrastructure in India, the player-base in India has tripled. Now, players can easily access the game online on their mobile devices and play cash rummy games on the go. Additionally, the major online rummy portals in India have rummy game download option on their website; players can download rummy on their smartphones and easily access the game.

Rummy as an India-Centric Game

13 cards rummy also known as Indian Rummy is a game that has been played in Indian for a very long time. It is a traditional card game that is played in almost all the festive seasons in India. However, there were many limitations for the traditional game setup. The online version of rummy has cleared the game of all shortcomings making it more accessible to the players.

Over the years there has been a massive surge in the mobile Rummy game downloads. The fact that India-centric games tend to outperform other games in the country is the major reason for the growth in the numbers. Global investment companies have started to buy majority stakes in some of the major rummy portals in India.

Future of Indian Mobile Gaming Industry

Over the years, the Indian gaming industry has witnessed a shift from console games to mobile games. This shift is mainly because of the low procurement cost of high-end mobile devices and improved wireless connectivity in the country.  This is a massive opportunity for new game developers and publishers to make a move in India. Rummy game portals have also witnessed a surge in the revenue as most of the portals are shifting their focus to mobile rummy game downloads.

With proper monetization and increasing the focus to develop more India-centric games can surely make India, the leading mobile market in the world. ‘CII-TechSci Research report forecasts that the revenue from mobile games is expected to reach $286.2 million in 2017. Also, by adapting India-centric games to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can also help boost the Industry.

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