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MonTowers ~Legend of the Summoners~ is a monster-collecting game by developers Buff Stone. MonTowers is similar in gameplay to Pokemon, whereby you collect monsters and do battle to earn tokens to be able to summon stronger characters.

MonTowers is packed full of manga-cheesecake artwork. The game is rated 17 , partly for the skimpy outfits on the many anatomically impossible female monsters. As you upgrade monsters, their outfits upgrade as well giving you a visual indication of your progression.

In addition, as you unlock new monsters you”ll get a picture of them in your gallery – which is sort of like collecting the card for that character.


The storyline is a online casino little ambiguous. . . Something about strange towers appearing and Summoners having to clear them out. Whether it”s translation difficulties, or whether there isn”t much plot is hard to tell. A game like this isn”t expected to have much of a plot, however, and that”s not a real drawback.

The game play is typical of this genre. Summoning a monster takes time, and depending on how advanced your monster is, it can be quite a wait. Once the monster is summoned, you take up to three with you into a tower to fight. Fighting consists of tapping a moving bar when it is at the optimal point. It was also hard to understand the exactly how the damage ratio works in fighting, though again that could be translation difficulties.

Despite being a purchased game, you are pretty nearly forced to purchase tokens for summoning. That is understandable in a freemium game, but it is unacceptable in a bought game. Also a disappointment is the Gacha system which supposedly allows you to mix two monsters for new ones, but tends to not be worth the price of the hard earned tokens.


Buff Stone promises an uptdate every month. Perhaps they will adjust the difficulty in gaining tokens, speed up the painfully slow tutorial and add better results to the Gatcha system.

Bottom line: MonTowers ~Legend of the Summoners~ provides plenty of eye candy, but only average game play.

Requirements:  MonTowers is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later

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