Samsung Galaxy S4

Following on from our article about the Galaxy S4, more rumors and reports have been added on Samsung’s top selling smartphone successor.

Galaxy S4 Design

The processor has been a much talked about feature on the Galaxy S4, with many saying this new chip will blow the Snapdragon S4 Pro and other major quad-core competitors out the water. The chip, which we think will still be quad-core, will have ARM’s Cortex-A15 technology but will be clocked to 2.0GHz, a big improvement on the 1.5GHz that the Snapdragon delivers.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 will come with a sufficient amount of RAM too, with 3GB’s and a GPU with an additional 1GB of RAM. We are not sure what make both the RAM chips and the GPU are, although we suspect Samsung will use their usual roots to get these items.

We believe that Samsung will look to make the Galaxy S4 screen a step up from the HTC Droid DNA, not in HD quality, but in pixels-per-inch. The 1080p display is one of the best we have seen, and we doubt that Samsung will be able to make anything better. We do believe, however, that they will work on bringing the screen to 500ppi.

Camera wise, Samsung may be going to Sony for a top of the line mobile camera, with 13MP’s and a robust sensor. We have tested 13MP cameras out before, but we have found between the poor software and weak design of the camera, it turns out to be a poor choice for the manufacturer.

According to a report, design on the Galaxy S4 will be a lot thinner and Samsung will be looking to change the materials for a more premium build. This is obviously a move against the iPhone 5, which is the lightest and thinnest smartphone on offer.

Samsung will reportedly make the Galaxy S4 weigh under 100 grams and the S4 will be under 7mm thick, beating the iPhone 5.

Release Date & Price

The 2013 Mobile World Congress in February seems to be the date for the Galaxy S4 release if rumors are true. Samsung have been quick to deny this rumor though. Other rumors say CES 2013 will be where the Galaxy S4 is unveiled.

Both are quite close together, so we can only suspect that Samsung are preparing a spring 2013 launch.

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