Most Played Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has become a leading pastime and players of all ages have enjoyed the thousands of games that have been developed. New games are always entering the market and with some exciting titles, gamers can enjoy the thrills and action on a smartphone or tablet. With games that can be downloaded to a device and free games on social media platforms, there are endless options for those that want to engage in some forms of entertainment and competition.

If you are a player that enjoys gaming on a mobile phone, check out some of the most popular games that have been enjoyed by players all over the world. You will find these to offer hours of fun and entertainment!

PUBG Mobile

This game was ranked as the top mobile game in the world in terms of generated revenue in 2020. This free to play game is available on Android and iOS devices and was released in 2018. When playing, up to 100 players will land on an island and will have to find weapons and equipment to protect themselves. Promoting the use of strategic thinking, this mobile game has quickly become a top choice for mobile gamers.

In this popular shooter game, players will battle to be the last one standing. Solo, duo, or small team options are available, allowing players to interact with others as they try to survive.

Honor of Kings

With this multiplayer battle arena game, players control a character to achieve different levels. Gaining a new level will award bonus awards and will unlock abilities that can strengthen the character. In 2020, this game has more than 100 million players who accessed the game daily and is one of the highest-grossing mobile games available.

This exciting game has multiple modes and most are featured on matchmaking. Players can compete against each other or enjoy a player vs environment mode. No matter what mode is selected, players will use a character to kill opponents and gain experience. Gold can be used to unlock new abilities. The goal is to destroy defensive turrets and finally, the core building that is locater at the base of the enemy team.

Pokémon Go

Just about every person who has ever played a video game will have heard of Pokémon. This exciting game was released in 2016 and has remained one of the most played games in the world. It is a free app that will combine gaming with real world experiences. Players will use location tracking to create an augmented reality world. In this world, players will find and capture Pokémon that are hidden in real locations.

Not only did this game re-introduce Pokémon to the gaming world, but also promoted physical health. Players are required to walk around to find the Pokémon that are hidden in their neighborhoods or any area. The goal of the game is to capture as many creatures as possible using an anime-style Google maps version that renames streets and buildings with Pokémon titles.

Mario Kart Tour

If players do not want to play popular battle games, Mario Kart Tour is an excellent option. This game was released in 2019 and is a racing game that can be enjoyed on any mobile device. Developed by Nintendo, players will see all of the familiar Mario characters and will enjoy thrilling action on the racetrack.

The game offers a multiplayer platform where you can race against seven other players from anywhere in the world! The game features themed tours that can be downloaded every other week and each offers different cups that can be won. Every tour offers three different courses with a bonus challenge. After every race is finished, players are awarded Grand Stars that can be used to unlock special gifts and experience points that can be used to upgrade karts and characters.

Gambling Games

Looking to enjoy some slots or blackjack games? Mobile payers will find a large array of casino-style games that can be accessed. There are some that are social games where you will play with virtual money to unlock levels and new games. For those that want a realistic experience, many of the operating online casinos in the industry offer a mobile platform for real money play.

Casino games will provide the chance to play your favorite slots, table and card games, video poker, and so much more. At a mobile casino, you can enjoy top paying bonuses, great payouts, and games that you would find at a land casino. Mobile gambling has become a top pastime for many players and with so many options available, it is easy to find an app or a mobile casino that features the best games and the chance to win stellar payouts, all from the palm of your hand.