Motorola MOTO G
Motorola MOTO G

There’s been a lot of talk about the MOTO G, but will it really deliver? Motorola released a blog highlighting the biggest features of the newest Moto G family.

Motorola’s biggest goal this quarter is to not let their customers down. According to the Motorola Blog, the new Motorola line will have everything that people need the most in their phones, but in a unique way. Depending on how you use your phone, Motorola presents three different phones that prioritize the way you use your phones- at comparatively low prices to other phone manufacturers.

What Does This Mean?

Motorola says that they understand that depending on whether you’re a photographer, a gamer, or a phone fanatic, you expect specific results and performances from your device.

What’s The Same About All Models of the New Moto G?

Motorola has promised that all models of the Moto G will be extraordinarily sleek and streamlined compared to previous models.

  • All models will also carry at least 13 MP high-definition cameras and 5.5” HD displays.
  • The base models carry at least octa-core processors and 3000 mAh batteries to guarantee battery life for talking, texting, taking pictures, and surfing the web.
  • You can charge your battery (up to 6 hours of battery life) in just 15 minutes with Motorola’s TurboPower feature.
  • All of the cases for the Moto G line are compatible with each other, giving you lots of options to mix and match at one low price.


What’s Different Between the Motorola Moto G Line?

The Moto G is the flagship model for Motorola, boasting the most modest specs. However, the upgraded models, the Moto G Plus, and the Moto G Play offer specific options for people who use their phones more than usual, and might be more inclined to perform specific tasks

What to Look For in the Moto G Plus

Along with the base features of the Moto G, the Plus has a 16 MP camera, plus rapid focus technologies, laser focusing,and autofocus detection that provides the best camera phone experience on the market (better than the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, or other phones that are more expensive- plus a fingerprint reader option.

What to Look For in the Moto G Play

The moto play provides fast and reliable processors, a super powered battery, and an uncluttered version of Android for people who don’t need all the widgets and features. Unlike the Moto G Plus, it costs very little.

When and Where Can I Get the New Moto G Line?

Moto and Moto G Plus are available today across Brazil. They’ll soon be reaching North America, Europe, Latin America and the pacific too. The Moto G Play will be available this summer- and we’ll provide all the information you need to figure out when. Motorola released images to look at here, but you’ll have to agree to their licensing terms.

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