How much will you be paying for HP Elite X3 if you live in the US?

HP Elite X3 is going to be the first smartphone with a Snapdragon 820 chipset that is running Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile operating system. The chipset is not going to be the only impressive thing about the smartphone, and this is no doubt one of the core reasons why the device is going to carry such an expensive price tag. However, Nokiapoweruser has posted a price tag of $799, and that is something that no one was expecting.

In short, you will actually have to spend more money in purchasing an HP Elite X3 than you would for an iPhone 6s, which is really appalling, and looking at the terrible state of Windows 10 Mobile, we’d have to wager that the OS needs a complete revamp before it can start to improve considerably for the average user. However, looking at the price, HP might not be targeting the regular customer at all. It is possible that the phone is targeted to business users and enterprises.

HP Elite X3 (4)

As for the other specifications, you get 4GB of RAM underneath the device and HP Elite X3 itself features a massive 5.96-inch 1440p display, so the combination of a smartphone and tablet is already present from the phone. Apart from 64GB of internal storage, HP Elite X3 allows you to expand that storage up to a massive 2TB, so storage expansion is present for you all the way, and there is absolutely no pressure for the user.

There is also a 16MP rear shooter and looking at all the processing power the HP Elite X3 offers, the 4K video recording option is also present. As stated earlier, the smartphone is definitely going to be targeted to business users and enterprises, because honestly, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t exactly made for consumers, at least not when Microsoft decides to change things up.