My Facecard iPhone App Review

Price: $0.99     Score: 9/10     Category: Social Networking

My Facecard, developed by SK planet, is a cute way to promote yourself. SK planet might be familiar to you: they also developed StarCall (an app with 2 million users who are all obsessed with Korean pop music) and Sundew (an app you can use to start conversations or make queries to people in your social circle.)

What My Facecard does is simple: you get a super-easy interface to create, customize, and share facecards. Think of them as business cards or calling cards on steroids: super pretty, and far easier to keep track of. Although, good luck if you try to drop one in your local eatery’s “give us a business card, we’ll enter you to win a free lunch” jar.

It’s astonishing how intuitive this iPhone app is: within seconds, you can create something that’s beautiful and unique to you, and lets you have professional quality contact sheets for your business. Your contacts will then have instant access to your contact info, making these a beautiful way to stay in touch and grow your circle of contacts.

And no more headaches when you change your email or phone number: update your own facecard, and the facecard on file with all your friends and colleagues gets automatically updated, too. Pretty and smart? Boy, we must be dreaming.

Let’s face it: business cards are dying. Why do you think there are so many companies out there just giving them away, if you just agree to pay for shipping? Ditch the paper, and develop a cooler way to share your identity. With the ability to share them with anyone in the world (and integration with Bump), there’s nothing to lose from trying out My Facecard.

My Facecard is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.