Can an app provide emotional support better than a real, live person?

This is the question I sought to answer in this NeuraBoot Mood Support review.

NeuraBoot Mood Support is only available on iOS and can be downloaded for free.

First Impressions

NeuraBoot is mood gamification and a ‘feel good’ app that exercises your emotional state.

The makers of NeuraBoot believe that you can become stronger emotionally by becoming more self-aware and establishing connections. The app is designed to connect with your support network and provide tips on how you can get out of your emotional slump.

NeuraBoot Mood Support Review Screenshot 1

There’s a daily mood tracker where you can set the tone on how you feel, which will trigger the appropriate responses. For instance, I set the mood to ‘anxious’ and the app gave me Challenges so I could feel better and level up in the process.

In a nutshell, NeuraBoot can provide quick tips and recommend actions so you can get out of that negative emotional state and feel better fast.

I like the clean and inviting interface and how the action steps are appropriate for what I’ve been feeling. There are some very useful features here that can really help those in need but are afraid to ask.

NeuraBoot Mood Support Review Screenshot 1

The Experience

I downloaded NeuraBoot, logged in and set my mood. There’s an option to add feelings and thoughts so the app can understand the specifics, then it’s off to the next step.

The app then gave me recommendations that are easy to do and are readily available without needing additional things or equipment. This shifted the mood from being passive to becoming motivated and focused to completing the task. The actions are designed to get you off your feet and develop new patterns of thought.

In about 10 minutes or so, I felt relieved and distracted enough that my mood changed without ever really thinking about it.

The developers of NeuraBoot are right to say that exercising your ‘mood muscles’ make you stronger emotionally- I started becoming aware of my feelings, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, I reasoned that these are just fleeting and you can always change how you’re feeling.

All in all, an app that gets you out of that emotional rut is always a good thing, and NeuraBoot is a fine example.