Samsung have released a new TV ad “The Next Big Thing” for the Galaxy SII that takes aim at launch-day Apple hipsters who lined up hours waiting for the iPhone 4S.

One Apple devotee states “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative” to which his friend replies, “Dude, you’re a barista”.

The ad focuses on the Samsung’s larger 4-inch screen and 4G capabilities, to amusing effect. It’s an interesting move from one of the iPhone’s arch-rivals – but will it win any converts?

  1. Well
    it is obvious that Samsung started this just prior to the holiday shopping
    frenzy, iPhone has overall consideration rate within consumers and is gaining market
    share within the business enterprise. In our company alone they replaced every
    single highly expensive business telephone with a iPhone docked into a ifusion
    smart station running Cisco mobile app. I now have one devise for all my
    personal and business communications needs. They told us all the power saving
    alone in one year from the old desk phone paid for the entire project. Nobody
    at this point can come close to this however please try for us consumers really
    enjoy all the new and innovated products developed from the spirit of competition.

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