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A new glitch on iOS 9 through iOS 9.2 allows you to collect unwanted default apps and make them vanish from your screen. There’s no official way to get rid of pre-installed apps that are permanently installed on your iPhone, but you can make them disappear with this glitch.

If you own any Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or above, you can now grab up all of the unwanted apps you have and hide them from sight. This glitch affects anyone running iOS 9, iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2.

In order to get this glitch to work, take the unwanted apps and move them into a folder. You want to drag it to the far right, then while you have the app suspended basically in mid-air, you simultaneously hit the Home button.

ios 9-glitch-unwanted-app-2This might take you a while to do in order to get it right because you have to keep the apps suspended in mid-air when you hit the Home button, so be quick with your fingers to get the glitch to work. It is not known how long this glitch will be around or if Apple will find a way to fix it, but enjoy it while you can.

If you do this correctly and simultaneously as stated, the glitch will cause the unwanted apps to vanish from your iOS device. These are not permanently deleted, however, and once you reboot your device the apps will go back to their normal location on your iOS device. If you put your device in sleep mode, it will also keep the apps hidden from view.

In September, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is working on a way to remove the default apps you no longer want. The only issue is that some of these unwanted default apps have vital functions relating to iOS as a whole.

Source: PhoneArena