New TV app for YouTube setting new standards that how people will consume multimedia
New TV app for YouTube setting new standards that how people will consume multimedia

Multimedia Streaming Mammoth YouTube has just put some further improvements to compete Netflix, Stan, and Presto.
With the passage of time smart TV and digital media has settled a great trend in the society, Apple TV and Roku becoming more famous the Google-owned service YouTube has renovated its interface.

For now, it is only available in the US and in the near future it will roll out to more countries soon, the fresh look app has been renovated to fit better with how people use its service on their TV.

“We are devoting to bring a smart experience through recommendations,has,” a spokesman said.
“This will be available now in YouTube app for Smart TV’s, game consoles and streaming boxes.”

The renovation came when they realized that the active users on YouTube have been doubled when compared to last year users, though people aging 18 – 49 claims that they watch YouTube on their smart TV.

Beside from this that people consume YouTube content via Smart TV, the multimedia content watched by different users is also different, Google Discovered.

People using PC or Smartphone do know what they want to watch and they search for it also but on the other hand people using Smart TV’s have no particular idea what they want to watch.

YouTube TV app is mostly used for contents like travel, news, sports, TV shows, gaming, tutorials, and comedy plus fitness videos.

Adding more, top level categories like “Recommended”, “Trending”, “Entertainment” and “News”, will take priority, with a new segment also to be added for 4K content and live streams. In spite of the changes, the new updated application looks to keep the aim on shorter-form content, as opposite to its original material found on its premium variant called YouTube Red subscription service.

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