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Nexus 4 Owners Complain About a Strange Buzz

Nexus 4 buzz

Users of the new Nexus device, the Nexus 4, have complained about a faint or loud buzz coming from the Nexus 4’s earpiece. According to some users, this is just a faint sound, but others have reported a significant buzzing sound.

While only a few early adopters are reporting the issue, and many Nexus 4 owners have come out and said this is not happening on their device, it’s still a worrying issue, because it seems to be a hardware fault rather than a software fault. This means that a new replacement Nexus 4 will need to be sent to all users having the issue, rather than Google being able to employ a simple software patch.

Around 100 users have already reported this issue to Google on the Android Issues Website and we are seeing a few more crop up every day. While Google and LG have not commented so far, we wonder if it on all devices or just a faulty problem with some. Remember that the iPhone antenna problem was on every device, but not every device owner complained or said there was a problem.

Some users have only reported small problems when using the speakerphone, but a few have reported terribly loud static coming from the device even if the phone is not switched on. The latter is worrying, but has only been reported a small number of times.

Reviewers have not spotted this issue on any of their Nexus 4 devices and we find that this may be a small issue that has come with a few of the manufactured units. With a substantial number of people coming out and stating the same issue with buzzing on their Google Nexus 4, we cannot see it being a user fault, more a manufacturing fault.

Whatever the case, we hope to see Google or LG pursue the root cause and find out the reason the Nexus 4 earpiece is giving off static. With such high demand for the budget smartphone, we do hope that Google aren’t shipping out any more faulty devices, as they are just coming back on the Google Play stores after a week of ‘coming soon’.

Have you had an issue with your Google Nexus 4 giving off a buzzing sound? Let us know in the comments below.

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