Android offers the top operating system while Apple is the top manufacturer when it comes to the North American smartphone market, according to Nielsen. In June alone, Google’s Android reached a 39 percent share of the United States consumer smartphone market with Apple iOS and RIM Blackberry trailing at 28 percent and 20 percent respectively. On the other end of the spectrum, HP WebOS and Symbian only account for 4% of the North American smartphone market.

Even though Apple is the sole company manufacturing iOS smartphones, the Cupertino based manufacturer has managed to remain top dog in the United States.

HTC is responsible for 14 percent of the U.S. smart-phone market with its Android phones and an additional 6 percent with its Windows Phone handsets, Nielsen said. That combined 20% share leaves HTC tied for second place in with Blackberry. Motorola’s Android devices are owned by 11% of smart-phone users in the U.S., while Samsung’s Android devices are used by 8% of consumers and its Windows Phone 7 devices take a 2% share, Nielsen concluded.