Convinced that Apple absotively, positutely will soon begin selling a cheap iPhone mini that’s made of plastic and carries an unsubsidized sub-$200 price? Well, senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller, who’s traipsing around China with Apple pal and CEO Tim Cook, has popped up to pour cold water on the whole idea.

Yes, analysts are saying an iPhone Mini is coming, but that don’t mean nuffin’.

The Next Web, which quotes a Chinese language interview with marketing honcho Phil Schiller, claims that Apple will not make a cheap iPhone, which will ‘never be the future of Apple products.’

“At first, non-smartphones were popular in the Chinese market, now cheap smartphones are more popular and non-smartphones are out,” Schiller added later. “Despite the popularity of cheap smartphones, this will never be the future of Apple’s products. In fact, although Apple’s market share of smartphones is just about 20 percent, we own the 75 percent of the profit.”

What was that? Profit trumps market share? Money matters most? Who would’ve thunk…

What’s your take?

via Loop Insight